Flower and leaf Veiners

How to make sugar flowers?

it is funny with our silicone petal and leaf veiners!

They are easy to use, thanks to their natural and realistic veins they allow you to get beautyful sugar flowers.

Our fondant mold are made in Italy with non-toxic, high quality, food grade silicone and they are taken from the plant!

Use our specific clay cutters for shaping the petal or leaf that you want to create.

You can use our professional cake design tools with sugar paste, cold porcelain for flowers, fimo or gumpaste!

follow these steps:

1.Heat the dough in your hands, softening it

2.Roll it out thin with a small rolling pin

3.Once stretched out, cut out the shape using our specific clay cutter

4.Cut the petals or leaves and keep them under the film, so they will not dry up

5.Once created, put the clay between the 2 veiners doing a little pressure

6.Finish with a ball tool, modeling the edges

7. And now you can insert the pistils, or complete the flower with gutta-percha

8.Here is your flower ready, use it for a cake or a bouquet of ceramic flowers.

Do you want some tip & tricks? See our helpful tutorials!

Which tpyes of pastes for cake decorating can be used with our silicone veiners?

 All edible or non edible calys:

Florist Paste / Gum Paste

Fondant / Sugar Paste

Modelling Paste

Modelling chocolate



Sugar Dough


Cold porcelain (all types)

...have fun!

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