duck upside down Mould

Italian Sugar Art
M PA 03
the incredible mould of the acrobatic duck standing upside down!

Ducks in love

Italian Sugar Art
MPC P 05
Manifacture of ceramic powder
Accessories Cold Porcelain

Z / Cold porcelain Modelling

A-PFM 01
Cold porcelain Modeling gr 250 Cold Porcelain is produced upon receipt of the order for the customer, this entails the renunciation of the return in the event of an afterthought.

Do you like to create small masterpieces? This is the right section for you ..

For all lovers of cute little animals, here is a special section of Duck molds, of all sizes, large, medium and small, to reproduce fun little ducks. You can create your items with sugar paste, any other edible paste, or ceramic powders ... and color them with all Paintable with any type of colour.

These duck molds can also be used to create candles, fragrance holders or even tempered chocolate.

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