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Accessories Cold Porcelain

Z- Ceramic powder

Ceramic powder - 1 Kg This product cannot be shipped outside Italy

Avalanche Rose Petal XL

Italian Sugar Art
V-RO P 005
Avalanche Rose Petal Silicone Veiner (XL - Extra Large Size)

Hibiscus Complete set

Italian Sugar Art
V-HI S 001
Hibiscus Complete set of molds for gum paste or corn dough (petal and leaf)

Caper complete set

Italian Sugar Art
V-CA S 001
Complete set for the creation of the Caper flower, including leaf and petal

Peony Triple Leaf

Italian Sugar Art
V-PE F 001
Triple Leaf peony in gum paste achievable with silicone veiner
Cake Decorating Moulds

Woman's Face 3D Mould

Italian Sugar Art
3d mould for a woman's face The mold has a cut to allow it to be extracted with any material you use

Simple Bell Mould

Italian Sugar Art
M-CAM 05
Silicone mould for simple bell

Orchid Phalaenopsis Lip

Italian Sugar Art
V-OP L 001
Veiner in silicone rubber of the Phalaenopsis Orchid Lip (mold center)
Poinsettia Christmas Star

Poinsettia 2

Italian Sugar Art
V-ST P 002
Silicone mold for a Poinsettia or Christmas star (petals and leaves)

Orchid Phalaenopsis

Italian Sugar Art
V-OP P 001
Set veiners for petals and flowers of Phalaenopsis Orchid

Poppy 1

Italian Sugar Art
V-PA P 001
Silicone veiner in non-toxic material for Poppy Petal and Central
Special flowers

Daisy center Mould

Italian Sugar Art
V-MA C 001
Silicone mould useful in creating the center piece of the daisy 
Sweet pea

Sweet Pea

Italian Sugar Art
V-PI P 001
Sweet Pea veiners for sugar flowers
Accessories Cold Porcelain

Green Tape Stem Wrap

Floral Green Tape Stem Wrap For Sugar Flowers
Special flowers

Crocus Colchium

Italian Sugar Art
V-CR F 003
Culpitt silicone veiner to create the leaf of the crocus (Crocus or Colchicum).
Butterfly Mould

Butterfly 3 Mould

Italian Sugar Art
Butterfly Wings Veiners - Left and Right wings
Cutter and Butterfly Molds

Dahlia Medium Cutter

Cutter Dahlia Cutter with flowers and leaves found in the category will be 'more' easy to create with any pasta. Buy also venatore.The cutters were made reaching meet your needs.They are easy to use, just press on the dough and then move the venatore.The set includes 2 cutter: leaf and petal.lia M
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