The cold porcelain is a modeling paste that is used for the creation of decorations of all kinds.

The dough can be done at home, but to avoid that there are weighing errors, or products that do not give the desired results, we suggest you buy it already ready on our online shop.

At the end of this article you will find the various porcelain variants: cold. flex, transparent, each one ideal for your every creation.

How do you make porcelain objects shiny or semi-gloss?

  • to make a cold porcelain object shiny once dry, pass one or more coats of final paint to the water with a brush.

What can be created with porcelain paste without cooking?

  • You create key rings, statuettes, sweet place cards and all that the imagination tells you.

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How to store the cold porcelain ready?

  • When the package is opened, wrap the dough in a plastic bag, so that it maintains the same characteristics it is recommended to use the dough within 1 year, store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources.

What creations can I make with transparent porcelain?

  • Use pasta ready to: create objects of various kinds: dolls, flowers, animals, cake toppers, costume jewelery, place cards and much more.

What is the ideal consistency of pasta?

  • The dough must have a soft and velvety consistency, manipulating it becomes softer, not sticky and can be spread in very thin sheets; besides it is very elastic, therefore ideal for every creation.
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