Beautiful creations created with corn paste, also reproducible in sugar paste, modeling clay paste.

We will enrich the dedicate section with the many decorations of our loyal customers.

How do you get corn pasta?

The paste is created by combining corn glue with corn starch.

Why use corn dough for your own creations?

This paste is malleable, Please do not dry in the oven . It does not fear humidity.

Ingredients for a good home made cold corn paste without cooking are:

1 glass of glue (you can find it on our shop below)

2 tablespoons of Johnson oil or Vaseline

2 glasses of starch (corn, cornflour)

Quick preparation of the dough

In a saucepan pour the oil and the glue and mix. Add the starch gradually until you obtain a soft and smooth dough (you may not need all 2 glasses of starch) .Once the dough is homogeneous , you can startkneading.

After kneading it, place it on parchment paper to shape it.

Store the cornmeal in a food film until use.

If you want , to get different colors , you can color the dough with the dyes you prefer.

Look at these beautiful roses created by Maria Cristina, are not they beautiful?

Follow the other tutorials to get exceptional results!

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