If we are about to say “I do” and we want a unique cake topper, here is a how to make it:

It's easy, we need:

1. silicone mold

2. cold porcelain or ceramic (available on the shop)

3. coloring

4. imagination

First of all, choose your favourite cake topper (you can choose from a wide selection of cake toppers of all different shapes and themes)

After choosing the mold choose the type of paste you want to you use.

If you need a quick and easy paste to use, cold porcelain is preferable.

Soften it with your hands, pour it into the mold and press well.

Unmmold the obtained shape and wait for a few hours to dry.

Once dried, your cake topper is ready to be used on the wedding cakes, or on anniversary cakes etc.

If you are more experienced and have already used pastes and want to create a plaster statuette, use the ceramic powder.

Even this is ready to use, you can mix it with water and once mixed, you can pour it into the mold.

Also in this case after a few hours it will be ready to be colored.

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