Sugar paste is ideal for use with our venators.

Why use sugar paste with Veiners?

Because it's easy to use, easily modeled, useful for defining details, and then it can be enjoyed with the creations you'll make.

Cakes and wedding cakes will be decorated with decorations and theme made with your own hands.

Do you know how to use veiners and mlold with the sugar paste ?

The steps are easy to remember:

1. Soften the dough in your hands until it is warm.

2. Use the mold or the veiner if you want to make realistic flowers, and press well until the dough covers the entire surface of the mold

3. Unmold the decoration

4. You can color it with food coloring powder, both edible or non-edible according to the type of product you chose to made.

Below you can find useful on more products that can be used with fondant, but remember that all the molds can be used with any paste!

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