Tutorial performed by Maria Cristina Piro

Japanese dogwood with step by step photos

We published it on our blog because we believe it is a wonderful job

Very pretty, he gave us all the steps to do it.

Let's start with the explanation and the products we need:

You will need them:

ball tool
  • wires 20 - 26 -28
  • rolling pin to roll out the dough
  • cutter
1. Here is what we will need for its realization.

2. Take some cardboard backing the bottom of the leaf and the petal and draw the shape, cut it slightly smaller you need to get the precise template

3.With the yellow paste, make small cones that are used to create the plant

4. Take a wire n 20 and make a closed loop at the top, start to stick around the cones you have prepared gluing them with glue if you use cold porcelain or glue edible for the gum paste. The size of the central are as you like there are so many sizes

5. On a mat with slices, place the dough to make the petals and pull it thin

6. Put on the cardboard that you have prepared, cut out the dough

7. On the back you will have the thickest paste where you put the wires n28

8. Thread the underwire with a little 'glue pass the ball tool around the petal to thin the edges

9. Place the petal on the venator and with the other half crushed to make sure that the impression remains

10. Place it to dry

11. Do the same procedure for the leaves you did for the petals using the wires n 26

12.Place the cardboard on the dough

13. Cut out with the scalpel

14. Defined with the ball tool

15. We are ready to use the venator pass the pasta inside

16 Let dry

Color the petals by blending the pink color on the tip and a little green on the bottom next to the underwire

17. We begin to prepare colors and brush

18. Flip the central with a burnt color

19.Let flip

20. Prepare the 4 petals now colored and blend with a more intense green the base of the petal

21. Colored with brush and powder colors on the shop

22. Now we just have to assemble

23. Roll the gutta-percha of green color

24. Color the petals of intense green

25. Color the petals of intense green

26. Here is the finished result

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