1 - The necessary equipment for this project is the following: GumPaste, a veiner for a of the begonia leaf, a glass to keep the paste, Crisco, a non-stick pad, a rolling pin, tweezers, cornstarch, a dresden tool, wires and tinfoil

2 - Once the Gum Paste has softened well, sprinkle some Crisco on your board. This will help you better work the dough avoiding it to stick to the board. Sprinkle some cornstarch on the dough.

3 - Roll the dough with the rolling pin, making some pointed protuberances in the middle, like little mountains

4 - Dust the begonia rex leaf with cornstarch

5 - Place the gumpaste on the veiner, positioning the Himalayas where there is the vertex of the veins.

6 - Gently press the veiner on the dough.

7 - Remove the excess dough all around the veiner so as to create the a jagged effect.

8 - Here is a beautiful Rex begonia leaf, with fantastic veins!

9 -At this point, if you want to further give life to this leaf, take the dresden tool, and over a foam pad, crush the jagged rims ... so to make the edges leaf seem even more real..

10 - Fold the tip of a 24g green "L" wire, moisten it with edible glue, and insert it into the largest vein that the leaf has underneath.

11 - With curved flat nose tweezers pliers, pinch the gum paste around the wire, trying to maintain, at the same time, the shape of the leaf vein and attaching the wire. Stick a second wire into another vein, if the leaf is bigger and should be better supported.

12 - Take some tinfoil, give it a pointed protuberant shape as before in point #3. Lay the leaf upside down keeping with the wires well firm. Leave to dry and once dried shape it as you like .

13 - Start creating another leaf as described in point #2. Remember that . since the tinfoil does not let the paste dry well, so I suggest to turn the leaf on the other side after a couple of hours. Like this you’ll have your own beautiful begonia leaf!

In a few days, I will show you how you can color these beautiful leaves! For now, Until then, have fun and good work ....

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