How to create disk florets or a central part of a flower with from ItalianSugarArt molds?

Among our articles, you can find a wide selections of molds to create the plants different parts of your favorite flowers ...

Today we’ll see how to reproduce a perfect disk floret .The technique to use is the same for any mold you purchase. In the pictures below you can see how to create the pistil for an anthurium flower.

After inserting the paste (gum paste) (cold porcelain) in the central of the flowers, stick the wires for the tubular ones and cut them sideways only one side. Tighten them well and the cut wrapping with cling film. Put them in freezer and leave them until it becomes hard so that when pulling it out it won’t deform.

This method also applies to all molds.

You can also see the tutorial video for the Echinacea flower.

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