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Here you can find an helpful tutorial published by Patricia Diaz, of the Riglassiamoci Association

If you want get a realistic and natural result of your beautiful handmade rose, we suggest you to use our professional flower veiners and clay cutters

Try now and enjoy!

1. Shape a ball with purple flower paste

2. Roll one end to give it a bud shape

3. Roll out the purple dough very thinly with a rolling pin. With a round cutter, trace 4 circles of a diameter equal to the height of your bud

4. Lay the circles on the flower sponge (EVA foam or foam crepla) , and the edges with a ball tool

5. Place your first petal, covering the bud

6. FIRST ROUND OF PETALS: glue the first petal only in the middle (leave the petal open)

7. Place the 2nd petal inside the first one

8. Place the 3rd petal inside the second

9. Glue and turn around the bud to close the first round

10. Here is the first round petals completed

11. SECOND GIRO PETALI, roll out the purple dough and make 5 circles with the round pastry cutter (same size as you used for the first round)

12. Lay down on the sponge and thin it down with the ball tool

13. Place the first petal

14. From now on, the petals will stick to the outside. Complete the round with 5 petals

15. THIRD ROUND, add some white pasta to the purple paste to create a lighter shade of violet. Roll out the dough obtained and cut 6 circles in diameter a little larger than the one used previously

16. Place on the sponge and taper off with the ball tool

17. Place each petal in a plastic spoon to give the rounded shape of the petals

18. Place the first petal, and continue the ride (like the SECOND ROUND)

19. FOURTH ROUND, add a lsome white dough to the lilac dough to obtain an lighter shade. Use a large cutter and Cut 7 circles, taper with the ball tool and lay on the spoons. Glue the petals as before.

20. The higher the bud, the more round you can make ....

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