1. Roll out the dough of the desired thickness, leaving the paste necessary to insert the wire at the base

2. Press the bottom of the veiner on the dough a little to leave a slight imprint

3. Cut the embossed shape with a scalpel, keeping slightly more inside

4. Insert the wire into the dough with a slight rotary motion

5. Smooth the edges of the petal / leaf with your finger or ball tool

6. Sprinkle the two parts of the veiner with cornstarch

7. Put the petal in the center of the veiner and crush

8. Remove the shape of the petal from the veiner.

9. Put the leaf / petal to dry on a form


- All our veiners certified ISA and this part is the upper one

- The paste used, be it sugar paste or cold porcelain, can be colored before or after the steps listed above

- To make the CENTRAL, when you put the pasta in the venator, remember to make sure that it comes out a little bit to insert the wire and put everything in the freezer until the dough is hardened well.

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