Take some a corn paste, previously colored with a light greenish color.

Make a small ball and give it a light teardrop shape crush the dough on a flat work surface, so as to give it a pear shape.

With a circular motion of your index and thumb finger, stretch the bottom end as to create a kind of mushroom shape.

With a knife or a cutter make a cross-shaped incision at the centre of the disk

With knite a knife of cutter then make twelve incisions. With straight-pointed scissors, cut under each single notch. As in the photo, cutting with the scissors, you will have created a nice pointed pattern.

Carve underthe incisionthat you have previously made with the scissors, and at the same time slightly slithering. With the back of a brush, press the center of the flower firmly.

Your poppy is now ready.

In this tutorial i created a pretty big disk floret so as a better show you how to make it, but of course , you can create your owns of any measures you prefer, big or small.

Ivana Bonardi

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