You can admire in our home those made by Erika Tritoni with the newborn was one of our first customers who came to visit us at the Milan fair and was waiting for her first baby.

Later he sent us a picture of the work done with the infant's mold for baptism.

We have always published it on our website because we believe it is a wonderful job and a good luck charm for us

He generously transmitted all the steps to make it happen.

Arm yourself with patience and let's start.

You will need them :

  • Sugar-Zefiro as it is very thin and the work remains smoother
  • Sugar paste added with CMC or gum paste to make the lid

Glasses of the size you want.

1. Take a bowl and insert the sugar I used a glass that contains about 200 grams you can make more glasses at a time inserted very little water so as to make the sugar like sand moistened.

2.Place the sugar in the glass by pressing it as you do with the beach molds

3. Turn it over on a cardboard tray

4.Let the sugar mold come out like this for the others if you make more of them all at once


5. Put it in the oven at about 50 degrees ventilated upside down, for 15 minutes

6. Pull it out and let it cool, turn it upside down and with a round cutter cut into the center of the glass leaving the edge you want.

7. With a teaspoon begin to remove the sugar in the center digging to the desired depth should not be a problem because inside the sugar is still wet, if not it means that you have kept too much in the oven. I advise you to do a test with just one glass so you can understand how long it is left in the oven

8. Put it back in the oven upside down to let the inside dry, if you should form some droplets, do not worry then with a sheet of new sandpaper you can pull them away

9. Thus the finished glass presents itself.

10. Thus the finished glass presents itself

11. Roll out the sugar paste with a thickness of about 8 mm.

12. Spread over a piece of transparent film

13. With a cutter of the same diameter of the glass cut the dough, the film will give it a rounded effect.

14.The final result of the lid.

When everything is dry you can apply your decoration with some edible glue or sugarpaste

Good job

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