It is advisable to use the cold porcelain for flowers since added with ceramic powder, drying will remain harder.

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1. Take a 250 g stick with a white acrylic paint, roll it out about 1 cm thick.

2. Place a well-ironed and starched doily on top, and with a rolling pin, press well on the dough.

3. Carefully remove the doily.

4. Cut the dough around the doily, leaving an edge as a margin, or take a slightly larger plate, place it on top and cut it round.

5. Take a bowl enough to hold the job, lay a napkin on the bottom so that the dough does not stick. Once the surface is half hardened, turn your work around on the back of the bowl so that it dries on both sides

6. When your work has dried completely you can color it as you like, I made sure that the texture of the doily stands out, but you can leave it natural,

or paint with a water-based clear paint as a protection.

good job

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