The creation of chalks, favors and DIY products can not be made without using plaster molds.

ItalianSugarArt is an Italian manufacturer of molds for gypsum, for modeling pastes and for hobby use.

How to make a item with chalk?

The steps for creating wedding favors or plaster products are quick and easy

We suggest you buying our ready made ceramic powder, because you’ll only need to add water.

1. Thoroughly clean the molds and wash them before use (the first time wash them with water and mild soap)

2. After having cleaned and dried the molds, move on to the preparation of ceramic powder and gypsum.

3. Prepare the ceramic powder .Our powder is available in packages of 1 kg.For 1 kg of powder 'add 330 grams of water .

4. Once the ceramic is ready, insert pour it into the mold.

5. Pour the powder until the mold is full.

6. Let it dry for a few hours then unmold the obtain product

All the molds on the site are ideal to be used with ceramics, use modeling clay, flux, soap, polymer resin and any other material.

The silicone molds are ideal for making toppers favors and all kinds of decorations.

How to make scented chalks with ready made ceramic powder ?

Once you obtained your chalks or molds, you can:

  • Add a few drops of fragrant essence to your mixture
  • Brush a few drops of essence behind your placeholders. I recommend to do this operation only.
  • Your chalks and molds can be kept fragrant if left in small bags, and they can also be used to as scented linen bags .
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