Veiners of Flowers that can be made in gum pastes or modeling pastes

Flowers and leaves


the answer is simple, you can create flowers in sugar with our silicone molds.

They are easy to use, thanks to their realistic veins they allow you to get real flowers.

The venator is composed of 2 rubber casts, which close one on the other, thanks to the compression they release the shape on the paste.

To cut the dough there are the cutters that shape the flower or the leaf that you want to create.

You can use rubber paste, cold porcelain for flowers or gumpaste. All the pastas can be adapted to our venators.

The steps for a perfect sugar flower?

here they are

1.Heat the dough in your hands, softening it for good

2.Roll it out thin with a small rolling pin

3.Once stretched out take the cutter and cut out the shape making a slight force

4.Cut the obtained petals or flowers and keep them under the film, so they will not dry up

5.Once created pass the pasta between the 2 venators doing a little 'pressure

6.Finish with a ball toll, modeling the edges

7.If necessary insert the pistils, or complete the flower with gutta-percha

8.Here is your flower ready, use it for a cake or a bouquet of ceramic flowers.