narrow petal amarillis
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Amaryllis Narrow Petal

Veiner (mold) for Amaryllis narrow petal

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Silicone veiner of the upper petal of Amaryllis.The petal can be created in cold porcelain, sugar paste, gum paste, making it ideal for both those involved in sugar art, and for those who create flowers in cold porcelain.The kit is complete:double impression veiner of the petal (measures 12 x 6.5 cm)This is a bulbous plant which comes in different colors. One of the most curious features of the flower is the pistils are changing from when the flower has just blossomed to when the flower ages ... they are large when young, and become smaller and smaller with each passing day.  -  tutorial Amaryllis -

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V-AM P 002
12 cm
3 cm
21 cm
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