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Nomocharis Lily Set

A set to make the Nomocharis lily in different versions

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The Nomocharis is a beautiful flower of the family of liliaceae, lilies ... or lily. In the picture you see different qualities and colors .... It 'a pretty little flower ... of different shapes and colors. The set that we propose will allow you to create different types of Nomocharis, this is because being so small, we decided to put together a petal of 5 x 4 cm, which is abit heart shaped, which you can create both smooth or ruffled, and another leaf measuring 7.5 x 3 cm, which has nice grain ... and finally, two different types of tight petal of about 6 x 2.5 cm of measurement. The petal can be curled tight, very veined or even almost smooth, depending on the species of your choice ... Finish this beautiful flower, with its beautiful colors. 

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V-NO S 001
21 cm
3 cm
21 cm
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