Great Impressions Croton  Veiner
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Croton leaf

Mold double impression for the shaping of a leaf of Croton (rushfoil)

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Our silicone rubber veiners are all handmade by us with care and attentive choice of materials, hence with quality above average. With this silicone mold (Great Impression Croton Leaf Veiner of the unusual Croton leaf), you will be able to make this beautiful leaf in no time. These leaves are typically pretty big and colorful, perfect for those who work the corn paste or cold porcelain, but also suitable for those who work the gum paste and flower paste. In the pack there is a double impression veiner of the leaf. Dimensions: 14 x 7 cm leaf

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V-CR F 002
12 cm
3 cm
21 cm
0.16 kg

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